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3 Levels of Benefits

3 Levels of Resistant Starch Benefits

There are a lot of resistant starch stories floating around – it is sometimes hard to know what to believe. Plant-based groups emphasize food sources like beans, green bananas and cooked and potato salad but refuse to consider resistant starch supplements. Paleo bloggers emphasize supplements of raw potato starch but will not eat foods with Read More …

Improved Glucose Metabolism

Glycemic Health

Many groups are promoting a plant-based diet to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels, also called Glycemic Health. Others have used a different approach and have stopped consuming carbohydrates as much as possible. Both approaches have been shown to be successful. Resistant starch offers a third option that may be somewhere between eating only plants Read More …

The Importance of Insulin Sensitivity

Insulin Resistance Cycle

When we are young, our metabolism is very flexible and responds quickly to changes in blood glucose. Our tissues are very sensitive to insulin and respond quickly – called insulin sensitivity. When blood glucose levels start to rise, the pancreas releases insulin, which helps to transport the sugar into muscle and tissues, where it is Read More …