Rosalie’s Story – Reversing Diabetes with Resistant Starch and Whole Grains

Success image from PresentationProRosalie Misco posted a wonderful article in the Natures Pathway magazine titled “How will you choose to live with diabetes or prediabetes?”  Her remarkable story exemplifies why I am so bullish on resistant starch.

Rosalie was diagnosed with diabetes twenty years ago.  She wanted to make better choices with regards to her diet and lifestyle as she was 55 pounds overweight, but was disappointed with the advice she was given. She believes that the American Diabetes Association’s advice was not based on research on foods or lifestyle for diabetes, but was based on the assumption that diabetics could eat what everyone else eats as long as they count the carbohydrates and manage their insulin levels, and then use drugs to manage the complications which invariably develop.

Rosalie got angry that she was not given better choices and aggressively investigated options. She tested every food she ate and different types of exercise to see how they affected her blood sugar. She came across Hi-maize 260 resistant starch and found it to be extremely helpful in replacing a portion of the flour in her foods. She began a company called Natural Expressions 100% Whole Grain Bakery in Appleton, Wisconsin. She sells baked goods and bakery mixes in her store and at local farmers markets, and has been conducting seminars on reversing prediabetes, losing weight and healthy eating with whole grains and resistant starch. She is known as Grandma Rose and is still going strong: she is at a normal weight, and has no diabetic complications. You can find her at

I wish I could visit her in Wisconsin and learn more about what she is doing to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Resistant starch is only part of her practice – but it helps! We need a “Grandma Rose” in every community!