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RS and Cardiovascular Disease

The Gut Heart Axis

A huge discovery has been made by Dr. Francine Marques and her colleagues at the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute in Australia. A new international animal study demonstrated that the lack of prebiotic fiber leads to hypertension and cardiovascular disease, (Kaye, et al. Circulation 2020). I was very happy to see that they utilized resistant Read More …

Sitagliptin Synergy

Nutrient and Drug are Synergistic

Mike Keenan at Louisiana State University just published his 15th animal study with RS2 resistant starch from high amylose corn. Surprisingly, it was sponsored by Merck and examined the potential synergism between Merck’s drug Januvia® (sitagliptin) and resistant starch. Both impact GLP-1 in the gut, but by different mechanisms. Sitagliptin inhibits the breakdown of GLP-1 Read More …

South African Diet Swap

South African Diet Swap Food Picture

Many studies over the year have examined the resistant starch and dietary fiber consumed in Africa. The first comparison was by Burkett and Trowell, who hypothesized that dietary fiber may be responsible for the fact that Africans have significantly reduced risk of cancer than populations eating a Westernized diet.  This was called the “Fiber Gap”.  Read More …