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Resistant Starch is starch that resists digestion. We have been eating plant-based resistant starch from intact whole grains, green bananas, and beans for millions of years, but food processing has removed most of the resistant starch from our diet. Recent research using resistant starch supplements has shown that it offers a variety of health benefits:
- benefits associated with resistant starch from foods, i.e., maintaining overall health,
- benefits associated with moderate doses of resistant starch, i.e., improved regularity, satiety and fat oxidation,
- benefits from higher quantities of resistant starch not previously seen with other dietary fibers, including improved insulin sensitivity, improved body composition, immune support and potentially reduced risk of hypertension and colorectal cancer.

This website endeavors to outline how resistant starch can help you to improve your diet and health, and to hopefully explain many of its stories and history. This is the low-down - simple version based upon the scientific evidence. 

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